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The Harmonic Minor scale option to the Music Theory Tool Major Scale package.
Black scale pattern (BSP) and 2 Harmonic Minor specific "sticks"
The optional Harmonic Minor BSP fits into the original holder that comes with the Major Scale Package.
All pieces are interchangeable with other scales. Made in USA.
3 piece package for $19.95


Harmonic Minor black scale pattern at rest in key of G.
Harmonic Minor BSP fits in original holder that comes with major scale package.

Harmonic Minor BSP

Specific Harmonic Minor stick (option includes 2) with modes, and their brief description.

harmonic minor stick for the music theory tool

Back side of all sticks, regardless of scale. This info is general and relates to any scale or mode. It explains intervals and extensions, and is color coded to show that scale degrees and their extensions have a difference of 7 (e.g. a 6th degree and a 13th are the same note, but in a higher octave).

music theory tool stick

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